Bet Gil on AI Final Fantasy Tactics Matches in Hilarious Twitch Stream


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There’s something somewhat hilarious about watch AI duke it out. Typically it is senseless in the perfect of the way, and the techniques used can greatest be described as “wild.” Such is the case with a new stream, which sees two AI parties of 4 duke it out in a spherical of PlayStation basic Ultimate Fantasy Techniques. The parties are randomized earlier than each match, with totally different courses, gear, stats, and expertise assigned every time. Players can then guess pretend cash on each group. This stream, named “Remaining Fantasy Techniques Battlegrounds,” performs out the fights and allows you to see when you’re nearly as good at predicting AI as chances are you'll assume you're. In the event you occur to win, you earn extra pretend cash you could spend on even more bets.

This can be a mod of Ultimate Fantasy Techniques, albeit one which tries to stay near the original recreation. There are a couple of additions and modifications made within the identify of stability, but you gained’t see something wild like a white mage turning into a melee tank. When you’re trying to relive some of those basic battles, this can be a unbelievable opportunity to do so.

Last Fantasy Techniques hasn’t seen a brand new entry since 2007’s Ultimate Fantasy Techniques A2: Grimoire of the Rift. There have been a few nods to the collection right here and there, resembling protagonist Ramza being a playable character in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, however Sq. Enix hasn’t shown a lot interest in it returning in an enormous approach. Still, with remakes of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles on the best way, something appears attainable.

Twitch streams of video games played in bizarre ways have increased in reputation. Some require human enter, such because the slightly famous cultural phenomenon “Twitch Plays Pokemon.” Others see individuals enjoying video games with controllers they’re clearly not meant to be played with, like Darkish Souls with a Guitar Hero controller. And another just includes a pair of AI. Salty Bets sees absolutely random characters battle each other utilizing 2D preventing recreation engine MUGEN. Individuals watching the stream can guess on the fights and earn pretend money in an identical approach to Ultimate Fantasy Techniques Battlegrounds.

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