News / PEREZ HILTON - 2 days ago

Listen To This: Grown!!!

Every once in a while a voice comes along that is so different from everything else out there! Nao is one of those voices! And her music is just as cool as she is! If you dig SZA or fka Twigs, then you will really enjoy Another Lifetime! Modern R&am...

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Is Keanu Reeves New Girlfriend Ugly? Too Old???

Women can be so vicious towards other women! Talking Keanu Reeves and his new girlfriend! This and much more on our latest podcast! Listen to The Perez Hilton Podcast with Chris Booker on Apple Podcasts or directly at The pos...

News / PEREZ HILTON - 3 days ago

Listen To This: Oh Na Na Na!

Why are SHINee not bigger???? Love them! And the K-Pop boy band have been so consistently great for so long! I Want You should have been a global hit! Maybe it can have a second life? Or at least give you a new tune to make TikTok videos to! If you...