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Just when it seemed we have been protected from a attainable Lea/Shaun ship, The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 10 went there.

It's great that Lea was capable of calm Shaun down when he was having an Autism-related meltdown, but can we not?

(TALL) Mental Health - The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 10

Shaun's relationship struggles with Carly have been one of many strongest features of The Good Doctor Season three up to now, however now plainly Carly goes to be the dropping leg of an unnecessary love triangle.

Lea was the one who Shaun turned to for help throughout probably the most troublesome occasions of his life, and she or he was the one he lay with after his grief hit him arduous.

That's all advantageous if they keep in pal territory.

However judging from the promo for the winter premiere, Shaun goes to seek out it rather a lot simpler to cuddle with Lea than Carly and probably conclude that it's as a result of Lea is his "true love" or some such nonsense.

Perhaps it is simpler for Shaun to let Lea maintain him as a result of he knows her higher, he's used to her, and getting into a new relationship is more durable for him than re-entering an previous one.

Peter Bryant Guest Stars - The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 10

Let's hope that's the place this is going, because Shaun's difficulties together with his relationship with Carly have been presupposed to be on account of his Autism. And suggesting it will be straightforward if she have been the suitable individual makes a mockery out of that.

Shaun, it's okay. Simply because your dad's dying doesn't suggest he deserves to be forgiven. And if he dies before you're ready to take heed to what he has to say, that's his fault, not yours. His.


The pointless Lea/Shaun pairing aside, this was a strong story.

The actual query was whether Shaun should have forgiven his father or not.

On the one hand, holding onto anger and resentment usually does not help anyone's mental well being.

But on the opposite, Shaun's father was abusive, and forgiving him just allowed him to abuse Shaun one last time.

Lea was proper when she informed Shaun -- and later Glassman -- that Shaun was not obligated to forgive somebody who was so horribly abusive to him.

Many survivors of childhood abuse find forgiving their abuser to be helpful to their therapeutic, however just as many survivors find the other.

Forgiving an abusive mother or father typically looks like negating the abuse and persevering with to deny the boundaries that the survivor must set as an grownup for self-protection.

And in Shaun's case, his Autism made this determination even more troublesome. Shaun takes issues actually and has a tough time contextualizing, so will probably be more durable for him to let go of these harsh ultimate phrases than it will be for a neurotypical individual.

Frazzled Claire - The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 10

In addition to, even if his father's tirade was morphine-induced--which might simply have been an excuse his mother invented--it was just as hurtful as the drunken tirades Shaun endured as a toddler.

For Shaun, it should have felt as if his determination to forgive his father was pointless. 

The juxtaposition of Shaun's story with the story on the hospital was fascinating.

That is stupid. Athletes get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars while individuals with jobs that really matter... academics, cops, docs, can barely pay their scholar loans.


Shaun now has one thing major in widespread with Claire, since they each lost a mother or father with whom their relationship was tremendous difficult.

Claire appeared to resent the NFL star patient for the sum of money he made. That should have been about the best way financial pressures are including to her distress as a result of that's the one thing that is sensible.

Her thoughts have been a robust message concerning the revenue inequality that plagues most of America, but they weren't notably relevant.

It isn't like that is New Amsterdam, which frequently addresses the best way revenue inequality impacts well being care access.

At the Star's Bedside - The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 10

Anyway, it was ironic that the star did not want that lucrative career, considering how much Claire resented him for possessing it.

Nevertheless it allowed her to finally use her problems together with her late mom positively, advising him to put his personal needs first and not proceed to be self-destructive to get what he wanted.

I get that you simply need to do stuff by yourself, for individuals to thoughts their own enterprise. However whatever strain you are feeling continues to be there, and when you don't seek help, you will fail.


Claire's wrestle with whether or not or to not see a therapist was properly achieved.

The Good Physician made it appear to be she was texting considered one of her one-night-stands when she begged somebody to go away her alone, and she or he was tremendous immune to Park's insistence she wanted help.

A Concerning Injury - The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 10

However when she met together with her therapist at the finish of the hour, it made complete sense.

Claire was making some constructive modifications in her life, like understanding as an alternative of continuous to drink and have intercourse with random guys.

That did not happen in a vacuum. It was the results of the remedy she was ambivalent about pursuing.

Oddly, The Good Doctor Season three Episode 10 was lacking a number of individuals.

There wasn't an excessive amount of of Morgan, and Lim was absent altogether.

We definitely did not want any extra of the on-again-off-again Lim/Melendez stuff, however it was bizarre that she wasn't around at all.

Isn't she imagined to approve Melendez's procedures, especially since Morgan's concept about find out how to deal with the NFL star was not the usual protocol?

As for Morgan, the less she's round, the fewer alternatives she needs to be annoying and obnoxious, so there's that.

An Important Case - The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 10

The stories have been fascinating, and I need to know where Shaun will go from here now that his father is lifeless -- in addition to into Lea's arms, that is.

But for a fall finale, it didn't pack a lot of a punch.

Shaun and Claire made selections of their private lives, but every little thing was pretty much a regular episode of The Good Physician.

However, I am wanting ahead to the collection' return in the winter.

What about you, Good Doctor fanatics?

Do you ship Lea/Shaun or would you somewhat Shaun keep on with Carly?

Have been you stunned Claire was in search of therapy?

And what did you consider the one medical case?

Hit SHOW COMMENTS and share your thoughts.

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