YouTube DRAMA!!! Alissa Violet Unleashes WILD Allegations Of Cheating & More Against Ex FaZe Banks!


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This may not be the most famous couple to break up in 2019, but it may have the most hidden drama — man, just in time for Oscar season, too.

YouTube stars Alissa Violet and FaZe Banks broke up back in July in what seemed to be a pretty amicable split. But that was just the public face; underneath that congeniality, there was so much anger!

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Alissa said at the time, “You guys don’t know what happened behind closed doors,” but that all changed on Sunday night.

She started unleashing when she found a Twitter thread asking people how they found out their partners were cheating. She responded:

“i was asleep upstairs with our dogs and he wasn’t next to me so i checked our guest house and caught him naked in bed with a random girl”

Dayum! He was supposed to be right there beside her and everything??

She then corrected herself, saying it was not the guest house but the “guest wing of the house.” Is it just us, or is that actually worse?? We mean, now we’re talking about it being UNDER THE SAME ROOF!

FaZe tweeted to her in response to her going public:

I love you”

Yeah, if he thought those three little words were going to stop her from outing what a bad boyfriend he was, that was a slight miscalculation on his part.

Alissa and FaZe in happier times
Alissa and FaZe in happier times. / (c) FaZe Banks/Instagram

Alissa responded by shared a text convo in which she told his cheating ass “goodbye” — and it contained even more betrayal on his part! She wrote in the texts:

“Did you ‘love me’ when you were hooking up with a random whore in our home?”

Did you ‘love me’ when you snapchatted that girl in Vegas to come f**k you when I was at dinner with you?”

“Did you ‘love me’ when I was in Orlando for my cousin’s wedding and you hooked up with a girl in our bed?”

His only response to all these accusations?

“I always kept my promises.”

Um… WTF kind of defense is that? “Yo girl, I never *specifically* promised to not have sex with a girl in our bed while you were in Orlando, so that’s on you”?

Alissa Violet Twitter texts to FaZe Banks
For this text reenactment, FaZe will be playing the role of “scumbag.” (c) Alissa Violet/Twitter

She continued the truth bombs on Twitter, writing to her ex:

did you “love me” when i’ve been asking you for five months to help out with OUR dogs but you told me to ship them to my parents in ohio because it was ‘too much for you’”

FaZe actually answered this accusation — the only one he specifically responded to, and not even with denial, writing:

“I couldn’t take care of them? I want them to have a good life? Why are we doing this online?”

Why does he only speak in questions? That alone would have been a dealbreaker for us?

For the more patient significant other, he did much, much worse per Alissa’s tweets. She fired:

“did you “love me” when you texted that girl that you were on your way to her hotel room at 6 am to ‘get weird’ while i was sleeping next to you?”

“did you “love me” when you said you were at highlight room but i had your location and you were at a random apartment complex for 2 hours?”

“did you “love me” when you broke 8 of my phones?”

“did you “love me” when you smashed in the back of chantel’a window of her car that she gave me?”

“did you “love me” when you f**ked all the girls i was worried about while we were dating, after the break up?”


We can’t believe she waited five months to drop all this — but you know what? We’re thankful she finally did. It’s an important PSA to anyone who wanted to date this guy!

What’s the worst a boyfriend ever treated YOU??

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